Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Last weekend i was in Mumbai to meet old friend who had come from new zealand after 2 years along with him was his friend who is a Film script writer. We had amazing time during the day, we went to a dental clinic for whitening her teeth, while she was in the clinic me and my friend went out in search of vada pav (delight of maharashtra), asking everybody, getting the directions for that shop from where we can get that and finally after searching for 30 mins, we found the shop wherein we can eat vada pav. We had vada pav alongwith tea (chai) and it was yum.

By the time we came back to that dental clinic she was already done, the best way to hang out with girls is SHOPPINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. So we went to a BIG shopping mall i.e. Inorbit mall at Malad. Spend there 4 hours in shopping and by the time we were about to leave rain started heavily. As it was raining, it became difficult to get auto rickshaw but somehow managed to get that. On the way, road blocks, traffic jams, water logging, see pics

anyhow, reached our home which took more than 1 hour which otherwise would have taken 20 mins.

On reaching home, my friend realized that we have to go to an event which she have been waiting for really really sometime. So start calling various taxi providing companies but coz of rain, everybody was bit hesitant or was busy. She was getting sad and was saying GOD please stop the rain so that we can go to that event.

I was wondering what to pray to the god? Shall the rain continue for which we (people of whole country) have been praying? Or shall it stop which will lead to water and power scarcity?

But i got the answer. Somehow we got the taxi, rain stopped, we went to that event and by the time we come back, there was no POWER. Power didnt come whole nite.

It is very important to realize what we are asking and how it will effect the lives of other people.

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