Thursday, July 6, 2017

Italy trip - Colosseum and around

Like in previous post, i said, this year has started on a good note.

Always wanted to visit Italy esp Rome to see the magnificent architecture and golden history of Roman empire.

After applying for visa, though i have provided them with all necessary documentation, consulate office called for a personal interview. Not that they asked anything different from what was already answered in the documents, i feel they just want to meet personally before issuance of Visa. The only problem at the consulate was the wait in a non-ventilated area for almost 2 hours. There were atleast 20 people in a seating area with no fan/AC/Cooler.

Finally! the happy news - got the VISA.

Now the problem, if you are not a frequent flyer, in booking the night flight is - DATE. For airlines, after midnight date changes but your mind still calculates as previous date.

All said and done. Reached my dream destination - Rome.

Airport tower - 

First Breakfast in Rome - Apple Strudel and Apricot Tart

Arch of Constantine



Wanted to capture the blue sky through Colosseum



Roman Forum

Trajan Column

Piazza Venezia

Marcus Aurelius

Symbol of Rome - She Wolf with Romulus and Remus

Arch of Settimio Severo

Roman Forum

Who says - Mobile was invented in 20th century? Romans have used them 2500 years ago

Beauty is everywhere and when you come across, don't forget to click ;)

My fav pic in Indian restaurant in Rome 

It's not a ice cream, it's full meal

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