Monday, August 11, 2014

No Karma and No human body

  • mwie n hoqI bwpu n hoqw krmu n hoqI kwieAw ] 
  • hm nhI hoqy qum nhI hoqy kvnu khW qy AwieAw ]1] 
  • rwm koie n iks hI kyrw ] jYsy qrvir pMiK bsyrw ]1]
  • cMdu n hoqw sUru n hoqw pwnI pvnu imlwieAw ] 
  • swsqu n hoqw bydu n hoqw krmu khW qy AwieAw ]2]


  • माइ न होती बाप न होता करम न होती काइआ ॥
  • हम नही होते तुम नही होते कवन कहां ते आइआ ॥१॥
  • राम कोइ न किस ही केरा ॥ जैसे तरवरि पंखि बसेरा ॥१॥
  • चंद न होता सूरु न होता पानी पवन मिलाइआ ॥
  • सासत न होता बेद न होता करम कहां ते आइआ ॥२॥

English Translation:
  • When there was no mother and no father, no karma and no human body,
  • when I was not and you were not, then who came from where?
  • O Lord, no one belongs to anyone else. We are like birds perched on a tree.
  • When there was no moon and no sun, then water and air were blended together.
  • When there were no Shaastras and no Vedas, then where did karma come from?

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