Sunday, October 20, 2013

NH7 Diary

NH7 Weekender is one of the most amazing music event of India. 3 days, 6 stages playing different genres of music, is simply superb. Hats off to the organizers & management team for putting so much energy & efforts and giving public such an awesome event. Vibes of people and the smile on their faces, will take you to another dimension. 

Below is my diary for this year's NH7 Weekender:

  • I like coz there is "no internet" & people eat, drink & enjoy music
  • Security / checking was quite loose.
  • NH7 is perfect example that music knows no age , religion, language & boundary
  • Alcohol in buckets
  • NH7 is one tight slap on those faces who blame women clothes, their drinking or smoking habits for Crime Against Women
  • If i'd been a doctor, all i would think about diseases for half clothed people but thank god i am not
  • If i'd been a smoker i would have smoked min. 1 packet a day (like others) but luckily i am not
  • When @thevirdas ask who's happy in life, everyone raise their hand. Then he says - so you happy people, please fuck off ... everyone start jumping
  • Typical @thevirdas Delhi vs Mumbai girl. Finally he adds one line for pune girls. Wish next time he do Pune vs Mumbai girls.
  • And ofcourse his signature song - pappe, you are the dude if you gotta man-boobs. If you haven't heard of this song, you can listen it here
  • Even when it was raining no one moved. No panic, no stampede. Thats Power of music
No matter how much you write, you feel to write more n more for NH7 weekender. You must attend this festival atleast once in your lifetime.

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