Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sympathy and Relationship

Yest. a dear friend came to my place and we were just talking here and there. After sometime, she said her sister is dating someone, who is a complete ass-hole. Though she has warned her not to go ahead but she is not listening. I asked her how is that possible that she is not listening to her real sister?

She said - this guy have told her few sympathetic stories and that's how he has been holding her. And then she asked - How long will the relationship go if it's build on Sympathy??

I said - most of the relationships start with sympathy and most of them are not meant to last long coz that person knows s/he has to move quickly before the other person realize or keep the other person blind with their stories.

Though i also don't know how long the relationship will lasts if it's based on Sympathy. So am asking all of you to share your inputs.

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